Holodexxx Delay

Nov 07 2016

Hi everyone,

We've been quiet for a while now but we'd like to let you know what is going on. We're going to be delaying the release of Holodexxx. Development will not stop entirely but we are postponing the release for now. In fact, we've made some great progress with the core experience and technology. Some of which you can see below with this video showcasing our splat-tech:

We're a small team that is currently balancing other development projects as well.

As we have new info and updates we'll be sure to show you and let you know. We love this project and we appreciate everyone's comments and questions.

We have a long term vision for Holodexxx that will see it becoming bigger and better than our original plans. Unfortunately this will take longer to achieve but we hope the wait will be worth it.

We understand that nobody likes to wait. We're sorry for the delay but it's become a necessity for us as indie devs. Sign up for the newsletter or stay tuned on this site for updates.

Thank you for all of the support.

- The Holodexxx Team

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