What is Holodexxx?

Holodexxx is a quantum leap forward in adult entertainment. Enjoy hyper-realistic virtual replicas of your favourite adult performers, and become the star in your own personal fantasy. Holodexxx aims to be the most realistic and interactive, virtual sensual experience. Interact with, talk to, and gaze lustfully upon virtually real pornstrars.

What technology fuels Holodexxx?

Holodexxx is built from the ground up in Unreal 4 which provides us a strong platform to deliver on our photo-real humans. Our Holodexxx models are scanned by a state of the art photogrammetry rig, and their animations captured using a next-gen MoCap system. We employ the most advanced chatbot services available, and a fully expressive facial rig to bring your fantasies to life. As technology evolves, Holodexxx will always stay on the cutting edge of virtual human technology to bring your wildest dreams to life.

How is Holodexxx different from a 360 Video?

Holodexxx is an interactive, realtime 3D experience that runs in the Unreal 4 game engine. Holodexxx is interactive offers the User real agency in their experience, allowing for deep connections with your favourite adult stars. 360 videos are passive, and offer a world of sex just beyond your reach, Holodexxx opens that door.

Where can I get Holodexxx?

You may visit our Patreon to gain access to our unrated teaser. Patrons will be the first to gain access to our public alpha experience, and all future releases. 

How can I help bring Holodexxx to life?

You may visit our Patreon, and donate to our mission, any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Our merch page also offers an assortment of Holodexxx swag that will directly support the development of Holodexxx. Above and beyond donating, we would appreciate it if you would share the Holodexxx idea to your like minded friends. Holodexxx will live or die based on our visibility, so like, share, and forward this dream to all of your friends!

What do I need to experience Holodexxx?

We suggest that you use an HTC Vive, or an Oculus Rift to experience Holodexxx at its best. Many other VR headsets may in fact work with Holodexxx, and we will update this FAQ as we gather more operational data.

We will also support the traditional 2D experience. 

Who makes Holodexxx?

Holodexxx is created by a team of award-winning AAA game developers, film professionals and (with some luck) a community of excited and involved fan designers. Our team has a combined thirty years building high quality virtual reality experience, even winning some awards along the way! We're all incredible excited to be finally bringing this dream to life.

What are your goals for Holodexxx?

Initially, we want to introduce the world to the erotic realism inherent in chatbot-powered virtual humans. As Holodexxx technology evolves, we want our fans to develop real relationships with virtual playmates that supercharge their sexual adventures.

Which adult entertainers will you have in Holodexxx?

We have scanned some of your favourite adult stars. We will reveal the identities of our smoking hot models in the near future. Follow our social channels to get our exciting updates!

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